The design of headphones has six key sizes


First, the design of headphones has six key sizes: the data of these six key sizes will affect the comfort of headphones.


1. Headband width size: This size is related to the ear-sticking ability and the clamping force of headband. According to the different types of headphones, the specific size requirements are also different: general small headphones (including back-band headphones) the size requirements: 105-115mm, medium ears: 115-130mm, large headphones: 140-150 mm, the size range is two headbands. The position where the edge is connected with the sliding arm is also the widest part of the headband.


2. Headband height size of headphones: This size is related to the wearability of headphones of different sizes. The size range refers to the vertical distance from the top of the headband to the center of the SP pad. The size requirements also vary according to different types of headphones: general small headphones (including rear-mounted headphones): 105-115mm, medium-sized headphones: 125-130mm, large-sized. Headphones: 130-135mm;


3. Angle size between ear shells: This size will affect the comfort and clamping force of headphones and the ear closure of earmuffs, and will affect the sound quality of headphones. This size refers to the angle size formed before the two SP pads. The angle size of headphones in general is 50-60 degrees, and the size of headphones in rear.


4. Drawing dimension of sliding arm: In order to adapt to different head height, the height of head band should be adjusted by sliding stretching to ensure the comfort of different people. The drawing dimension of sliding arm is generally 25-35 mm.


5. The rotation angle of the ear case: The shape of some earphones determines that the ear case will have a certain rotation angle, which is used to adjust the ear closure of the ear case and prevent sound leakage. Generally, the adjustment angle is 5-7 degrees.


6. Rotation angle of the boom: headphones with booms are divided into fixed boom, rotary boom and hidden boom. The rotation angle of the boom is generally 120-125 degrees.

sliding arm

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