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Clearwater, Florida. Rugged computer solutions manufacturer Clearwater Florida's small PC computer has released the latest iBrick rugged computer SC215ML, equipped with Intel's i7-8559U processor. IBrick is completely sealed and can withstand extreme weather and accidental immersion while maintaining shock resistance and vibration. This strong, high-performance, fan less computer is only 8 inches X5 inch x3.0 inch, compact, brick built, weighs less than 3 pounds, runs silently, and has no moving parts.

IBrick waterproof computer

IBrick waterproof computer

Solid iBrick and i7

Solid iBrick and i7

A solid aluminum chassis combined with a passive cooling system provides a high impact, vibration and extreme temperature environment for the iBrick computer. IBrick is designed specifically for the special requirements of oil and natural gas, transportation, public safety, utility, military and industrial automation.

Small PC unique heat pipe assemblies, combined with a set of waterproof connectors and cables, provide protection from inside to outside. This is a high-performance computer sealed in dust, dust and water. The standard configuration starts with the fifth generation Intel 4 core crest, I3, i5 or i7 processor. The basic I/O includes a RJ45 Ethernet port, 3 USB ports and a HDMI video port. Additional Ethernet and USB ports are optional.

The default 120GB SSD can be upgraded to 4TB, and memory can also be upgraded to 32GB. USB 3 port, wireless LAN / Bluetooth and RS232/422/485 port further complement this seal unit as a popular choice. IBrick also supports dual video options with second HDMI. Optional smart car power supply, support 9-32V DC input, support intelligent parking, car ignition switch and other special functions. All configurations include the installation and testing of the operating system. The operating system supports a variety of Linux and MS-Windows versions, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The basic configuration of ibrick starts at $1495.

The assembly is characterized by the SMA bulkhead jack connector and the AMC4 plug connector on the 1.13 mm cable.

The SMA to AMC4 cable module is suitable for the application of Internet of things with high efficiency and economical design.

The operating frequency of these SMA to AMC4 cable assemblies is from DC to 6GHz, and the working voltage is 50 ohms.

The new configuration can be applied to the straight Jack to the right angle plug. The standard metric length is 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30. You can customize the length as required.

The AMC4 connector is currently the smallest connector in the Amphenol RF product mix. It has a similar memory footprint with the previously released AMMC connector, and provides all the same benefits as the AMC interface, but on a more compact packet size.

This 50 ohm connector can be interchanged with I-PEX MHF4 and Murata HSC connectors.

The independent version of the AMC4 connector will be released soon.

Nichicon has developed a new lithium ion rechargeable battery (SLB Series) in collaboration with Toshiba infrastructure systems and solutions company SCiBTM technology.

Source: Niki Kang

Source: Niki Kang


The main features of the SLB series include:

High charge discharge rate. The battery can fill 80% of the battery in three minutes.

And complete the 95% charge in three minutes.

SLB can be safely charged at low temperatures of -30 C, because lithium will not deposit on the negative electrode.

In the case of forced internal short circuit, the possibility of explosion is very low, which makes SLB safe.

At a rate of 10 C, even after 25000 cycles of charge discharge, the high capacity retention rate of 80% or more can be maintained.

SLB can monitor the temperature, humidity, illumination and other data for a long time with the power IC. Using the high speed characteristic of 20 degree C (max), these batteries can be charged and boosted / boosted for IC in a short time.

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