Significance of connector using contact coating


Connector is an important part of electronic components industry, electronic engineers must not be difficult to find: most of the connectors are coated with a special coating.There is a common question on most people's minds. What is the significance of coating connectors?Professional connector agent guangzhou haolong electronic engineer liu explained that the connector contact coating can not only protect the connector to reduce the environmental corrosion of its intrusion, increase the durability of the connector and wear resistance, it can also help from the electrical performance to establish and maintain a stable connector impedance.The specific performance is:

Significance of connector

1, connector coating anti-corrosion function

The first consideration for connectors is corrosion protection.Most contact shrapnel of electrical connectors are made of copper alloys, which are prone to corrosion, such as oxidation and vulcanization, in typical electrical connector working conditions.In fact, the contact coating is used to seal the contact shrapnel from the working environment to prevent copper corrosion.Of course, the coating material must not be damaged (at least to the extent of harm) in its working environment.As an important function of corrosion protection, optimizing the interface is a consideration for selecting suitable contact coating materials.

2, connector coating is helpful to improve mechanical properties

The parameters related to mechanical properties mainly affect the durability or wear of the coating, as well as the factors of combining force.These factors to be considered are two different views under the same basic effect, that is, the sharing of cold welding of multi-point contact interface in the process of relative motion.The most important mechanical properties include hardness, ductility, and the friction coefficient of the coating material.All these properties depend on the intrinsic properties of the coating material and the process used.

3, connector coating is helpful to improve electrical performance

The optimization of electrical properties can be considered from the following aspects, that is, the control of the existing and to be formed film located on the surface of the contact coating.A major requirement for electrical performance of electrical connectors is to establish and maintain stable connector impedance.To achieve this, a metal contact interface is required to provide such inherent stability.Establishing such a contact interface requires that the surface film be able to avoid or disintegrate during contact fit.These two different choices define the difference between precious or rare metals and ordinary metals.

4, connector using precious metal coating characteristics

To varying degrees, precious metal deposits (such as gold, palladium, and their alloys) are essentially free of surface film.The metal contact at the interface is relatively simple for these coatings because it requires only the movement of the companion on the contact surface during mating.This is usually easy to do.In order to maintain the stability of contact interface impedance, connector design should pay attention to maintain the precious metal property of contact surface to prevent the influence of external factors such as pollutants, the diffusion of base metal and contact wear.

5. Features of common metal coating used for connectors

Common metal coatings, especially tin or tin alloys, are characterized by a natural coating of oxide film.The effect of tin contact coating is that this layer of oxide is easy to be destroyed in conjunction with time, so that the metal contact is easy to be built up.The requirement of the electrical connector design is to ensure that the oxide film breaks when the connector fits and that the contact interface is not oxidized during the lifetime of the electrical connector attachment.Reoxidation corrosion, in wear corrosion, is the most important degradation mechanism of tin contact coating.The silver contact coating is best regarded as an ordinary metal coating because it is susceptible to corrosion by sulfides and chlorides.As a result of the formation of the valve material usually nickel coating as a common metal.

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