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Edited by DW | June 13, 2019

Hirose has developed a multi-functional wire-to-plate connector that enables OEM to reduce the size of the terminal device. As part of the SignalBee Connector Series, the 2.0mm pitch DF51 Series connectors have user-friendly forward locking capabilities, providing clear tactile clicks and ensuring reliable connections. Double side lock design to prevent socket lifting caused by vibration or cable pull.

In order to meet a wide range of customer needs, DF51 series crimp connectors can provide a variety of changes, including straight line, right angle, online connection, single or double row. One-line versions provide 2 to 6 locations, while two-line versions provide 4 to 30 locations. The characteristics of visual and mechanical polarization prevent different numbers of positions between reverse mating and incorrect mating. Gold and tin plating options support a variety of application requirements. In addition, the DF52 line-to-plate connector receives resin seals to prevent water and dust.

DF51 series products support up to 3A level and have a wide range of applications, including entertainment equipment, industrial machinery, IT electronics, medical equipment, office equipment, robots, smart meters, water heaters and so on.

SignalBee Connector Series combines compact size and high signal performance with high contact reliability and durability. DF51 series low configuration connectors save circuit board space and enable customers to reduce product size, "said Bill Kysiak, product marketing manager of Hirose Electric USA.

UL/C-UL certified DF51 series uses the same universal terminals and crimping tools as DF11 series contacts. Connectors accept awg22 to awg30 cables. These connectors can be potted up to 3mm.

The rated voltage of DF51 series line-to-board power connectors is 250V AC/DC with one operation.

Temperatures range from - 40 to + 105 degrees Celsius.

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