Power connector usage analysis


The power connector is mainly composed of a plug and a socket, among which the plug is called free end connector and the socket is called fixed connector.The connection and disconnection of the circuit are realized through the plug, socket and plug and disconnect, so there are various connections between the plug and socket.This is a lot of operators know, the following is mainly for the use of attention

power connector


1. The termination

When the power connector is terminated, it shall be terminated and checked strictly in accordance with the corresponding termination specification or requirement, and terminated according to the corresponding contact number.The maximum thickness of insulation layer between the selected cables and conductors should be matched with the distance between the contact pieces, the cable core should be matched with the terminal of the contact pieces, when crossing and connecting between the contact pieces, the diameter of multi-strand core strapping should be considered, and it is forbidden to cross and connecting between the compression holes of the contact pieces.

When welding, the electric soldering iron of the corresponding power should be selected according to the diameter of the open wire. The welding time of each contact piece generally does not exceed 5s.

When cleaning the power connector (including the cleaning of the contact parts), you can use the silk cloth dipped in anhydrous ethanol to dry it.Do not allow the use of acetone and other chemical solvents that have harmful effects on the power connector;

When the power connector is in the non-plug state, it must cover the supporting protective cover or take other dustproof measures.

2. Check before plugging

The model, code, number, location and direction of the power connector should meet the requirements of the design and process documents;

No loose tail cover, no loose binding mouth;

The cable bundle or wire at the tail cover mouth has no broken dead bend, and the outer skin has no damage;

The earthing wire of shield skin is not broken, and the welding piece connecting the shell is not loose.

There should be no deformation, no cracks, no thread wear, no loose or defective fasteners, no peeling of coating on the housing and interface of power connector;

The locking device should be intact;

Power connector with sealing ring, the sealing ring should be intact;

No excess in the interface (insulator surface, jack);

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