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Each is called Hekla, consisting of a base clip ("connector" - the right side of the photo) and a collar ("socket" - Black). The former is used to fix the shaft, and the latter is used to make the connector adapt to the specific optical elements.

At least 9 connectors, with or without solder connections, are used for mandrel between 12.5mm to 19mm square (and non square version).

The LEDIL optical series has 11 sockets, including Winnie, Ronda, Zorya, Carmen, Brooke and Mirella.

This picture is a lens used by Hekla and Winnie. The lens can shine like a light bulb. Ignoring the yellow part, this is a wooden retro string. The black part is Hekla socket.

Some socket connector combinations allow larger diameter sources, such as 17mm Citizen CLL03x.

Various optical instruments have many other optical instruments on the shelf, including the huge silica gel, but I have not written down their names.

Bridgelux, headquartered in Livermore, California, has launched the Vero LED series, which has made new progress in design flexibility, ease of use and energy efficiency. Vero also intends to become a platform to provide future integration opportunities for smart sensors and wireless communication technologies.

Compared with the existing Bridgelux LED array, the lm/W of the Vero series product increased by 20%, which has higher magnetic flux density, simplifies the assembly process, simplifies the manufacturing process and improves the overall reliability of the system.

Figure 1 shows.

The Vero platform will take four forms (Figure 1), ranging from 800 LM (warm white) (3000K) to 20000 LM (cold white). There will be multiple CCT and CRI options, including 97 CRI decorative product options. The Vero platform is currently being evaluated by Bridgelux customers and will be fully launched in the first quarter of 2013.

The company said the new Vero platform would enable manufacturers to "substantially reduce inventories of electronic and optical components". Furthermore, wide input current range allows designers to optimize product efficiency, cost and optical output.

Packaging and connectivity

An obvious feature of the Vero platform is that the product is made up of two parts: the COB array is made separately from the plastic body (see Figure 2). However, these two parts are sold together as Velo product customers, although customers must purchase connectors separately.

This method has many advantages. Bridgelux says that the size of MCPCB is smaller and can produce larger throughput and capacity. In addition, the same plastic body is used for each specific size array without considering CCT or CRI.

Figure 2 shows.

More manufacturing processes are automated - making COB arrays and combining them with molded plastic components. The array-body configuration also makes it easier to add functions in the future, such as smart sensors or wireless communication chips.

Jim Miller, chief sales and marketing officer of Bridgelux, said: "Vero products use highly automated processes to reduce costs and can easily upgrade future smart applications." "The Vero array provides our customers with the manufacturing and design capabilities they need to develop new design possibilities, and at the same time speed up the adoption of LED lighting."

Another main feature is to increase the flexibility of electrical connections, which can be achieved through the solder joints provided by Molex or solder joints on plastic valve bodies (as shown in Figure 2). Welding is quite easy because solder pad is thermally isolated from MCPCB and radiator.

Details of the array

The COB architecture has been redesigned to make chips in radial rather than square grids. This improves light filling and beam quality. In general, the lumen density of the product is much higher than that of the existing parts. The diameter of the circular emitting surface (LES) varies from 10mm to 29mm, as shown in Figure 1.

The Vero products designed by Bridgelux can operate under the "industry standard" current, for example, 350, 500, 700 or 1000 ma. By redesigning the circuit structure of the chip, high voltage operation is realized. Under these current values, the Vero array is compatible with all kinds of standard drivers.

The Vero array is also compatible with a wider range of optical elements. Bridgelux said that all of these provide manufacturers with more flexibility and more choices than usual, shorten product development time, reduce inventory requirements and reduce costs.

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