NBC undertake laser micro-hole processing


Our company has the good excimer laser equipment-laser micro-hole machining equipment,mainly including nanosecond,picosecond and other processing equipment,excimer laser equipment,For the micro hole laser drilling processing,marking,slotting,its precesion control,position,aperture size,roundness is very.

micro-hole processing

micro-hole processing

Our company undertake laser drilling,cutting and other services,a variety of materials could be use ,such as stainless steel,aluminum,aluminum alloy,copper,zinc alloy.stainless steel pipe and so on(please consult customer service before ordering).below is the service content:

Laser drilling could achieve the following drilling range


minor holes:0.401.00(mm);

super small hole:0.10.40(mm);


secondary micropores:0.0010.01(mm);

 Amd hole:<0.001(mm)

micro-hole processing

micro-hole processing

micro-hole processing

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