NBC tell you five points for attention in choosing high current connector


How to choose a suitable industrial connector?  Usually we can consider it from the below aspects:

1、mechanical properties 

what kind of volume and coverage area is effective?what is the allowable dimension tolerance ? what are the insertion and pull out force of the terminals? How about durable of the connector? These factors are all need to be considered when choosing a connector.

2、connector type

What it connect and where it used and so on are the first issues need to be considered ,as these decide the type of the connector.The location where connector is used  will affect us to determine whether need to enhance the tightness of the aviation plug or to add shielding shell to the insulation body.

3、environment requirement

Temperature, humidity and other environment conditions are determined by the position of the connector.So we need consider the position and the expected environment .What is the applicable period of other relevant storage conditions and information. The description of the environment should contain the requirements of the shock and vibration ,including shipping requirements , environment of the production conditions ,such as welding temperature ,duration of welding cycle. The area around the convergent continuous current guided by the connector is the area where the highest temperature is generated.

4、Electrical requirement

When choose the  connector we need consider the electrical requirement .What are  the voltage and current for the products ?whether the connectors can be used well on such electrical requirement?These questions about the electrical requirements need to be considered. In addition ,we need to consider other electrical conditions ,such as resistance ,allowable resistance variation ,maximum voltage ,maximum current ,inrush current,characteristic impedance,VSWR,EMI masking effect and insertion loss.


Connector manufacturers can adopt about 25 test organizations as the source of all or part of their connector test specifications. Consideration must be given to the use of appropriate test specifications in specific application situations, including internationally applicable situations. 

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