NBC intros new ic600 single-pole, high-current connector for industrial applications


ANEN IC600 Electrical Connectors is launching a new  single-pole high-current connector, which is optimized safety functions and increased flexibility. It is specifically for power supplies and industrial applications.

 IC600 single-pole

The new IC600 Industrial connector system is designed for high power up to 600 A. The components are robust and can be used easily and safely, even under the most adverse conditions of use (IP65, IP68, and IP69 degree of protection with salt-spray resistant). The new 45° bayonet locking system, and the crimp and reusable cable connections, ensure a reliable connection.

 high-current connector

The color and mechanical coding allows quick, intuitive identification, and connection in the field with no risk of confusion.

 industrial connectors

The micro-switch integrated into the flush-mounted socket signals the user that the connection is plugged in and can also be integrated into a safety circuit for machine enabling, fulfilling IEC 61984.

 IC600 single-pole

Besides high numbers of mating cycles (up to 5,000, depending on conditions of use), the tried and tested technology guarantees consistently high-contact quality with constantly low-contact resistance throughout the entire lifespan.

 high-current connector

Additional features:

1.Fast and soft plug/unplug

2.Low resistance, good temperature rise performance

3.High toughness, wear resistance, anti and strong impact

4.Waterproof, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistance

5.Anti touch, withstand voltage, high safety factor

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