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A strong new product line from board to board connector comprises a shielded connector Phoenix contacts pitch 0.8 mm and unshielded versions of 1,27 mm pitch. 

Precision series offers a variety pitch solution, a plurality of printed circuit boards (PCB) within the connecting device. Horizontal and vertical female connector and the male connector allows users to schedule the pcb sandwich, coplanar or orthogonal layout. 

Both product families include 12-80-bit version, current up to 1.4 A, voltage up to 500 V AC. Because of its EMC shielding fine pitch of 0.8 mm is ideal for non-product line interference, high speed data transfer rates of up to 16 Gbps. 

ScaleX contact both sides of the contact system ensures a mechanical and electrical connection of long-term stability, even in the case of shocks or vibrations caused by stress. Meanwhile, the principle of allowing a higher tolerance for different positioning due to assembly and connectors. Further, the geometry of the insulating housing securely preventing the connector is not properly connected. 

IDC preassembled product from the female connector 1,27 mm fine pitch is available customized length required flat ribbon cable, so they can be inserted into the device immediately. 

Instead of using a microwave oven magnetron solid-state devices 
May 29, 2019, TRX electronics, telecommunications, data communications, wireless, networking 
today, the microwave oven is widely used in many kitchen. It not only can be used to cook frozen food, it can also be used to reheat last night's curry or cool your coffee. 
M12 connector for high-speed transport 
May 29, 2019, Weber industry, interconnection 
with the introduction of new products, the scope of rail and vehicle applications Telegartner connectors has been expanded. Add-ons before a M12 connector series, the new series includes ... 
durable board-to-board connector 
May 29, 2019, Otto marketing, Internet
Hirose Electric has developed a high contact reliability of the connector, the operating temperature between -40 ° C to 140 ° C, high performance in vibration environments, including vehicle power system. Although ...... 
Coax-to-the PCB connector 
29 May 2019, the TRX electronics, network 
high speed microwave RF Amphenol SV / emitter edge solderless coaxial connectors are ideal for high-frequency printed circuit board applications, wherein the precision It is the key. These rugged ... interconnection 
lines - / board-to-board connectors 
29 May 2019, the TRX electronics, network 
Minitek brand Amphenol ICC, 2 mm pitch for board to board and wire / cable to the connector plate. It is a completely modular system that allows the connection between various types of printed circuit boards, wires ... 
to select the correct connector for harsh environments 
April 30, 2019, TRX electronics, this week, Editor's Choice, Internet 
Although the connector on the system design is sometimes left to the last, but they are the basic components, you need to properly select them. 
The connector 101 lighting designer 
April 30, 2019, Avnet South Africa, interconnection 
select the best connector for the lighting application is an application issue needs and available connectors match, taking due account of performance and cost. 
ERNI transfer D-Sub production 
April 30, 2019, Lean electronics, interconnection 
ERNI has stopped its D-Sub connector product portfolio and cooperation with Provertha, Provertha now in key markets production and marketing of D-Sub products combination. Rudolf Houston, group chief executive ... 
floating board-to-board connectors 
April 30, 2019, Avnet South Africa, interoperability
Molex launched SlimStack 0.40 mm floating board-to-board connectors designed to save space and allow design flexibility. These new connectors are similar products on the market the smallest one. 
Triple-lock connector system 
30 April 2019, TRX electronic interconnect 
TE Connectivity of three lock connector power system is designed to provide high-performance functions and signal power applications. As the name suggests, it is locked in three ways: cap (or header) ... 
Hirose and Harting through a single Ethernet collaborate 
April 30, 2019, Otto marketing, Harting SA, Interconnect 
Hirose Electric and Harting Technology Group has entered into a agreement to jointly develop new standardized products, and sales for one-on-Ethernet (SPE) connection technology systems. ... 
connectors for severe vibration and shock of 
April 30, 2019, TRX electronic interconnects 
capable of withstanding 10 g vibration force six hours, the new M225 series of connector assembly Harvin is used for industrial deployment. These compact cable connector to the board.

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