LED connector market introduction


The relevant data shows that the total investment budget of LED projects across the country has exceeded 20 billion yuan. A large number of listed companies with sensitive business information flocked in, and a number of LED companies quickly dig up, and the LED industry also won the "most fashionable new energy industry." The LED era is coming.


LED lighting


The National Development and Reform Commission announced the roadmap for the elimination of incandescent lamps in China. After gradually banned and sold ordinary lighting incandescent lamps according to the power level, LED lighting as an energy-saving product conforms to the requirements of the times, with environmental protection, long service life and low power consumption. And so on, on the stage of history.


In the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the seven emerging strategic new industries proposed by relevant departments, energy conservation and environmental protection industry ranked first, and LED as an important part of the semiconductor lighting industry, taking the advantage of environmental protection to lead the way. To this end, the relevant departments have formulated a series of policies to encourage the production and promotion of the LED industry to ensure the vigorous development of the LED industry. It is expected that the industry's output value will double in five years. According to the relevant staff of the National Development and Reform Commission, according to the development plan of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the promotion policy of the LED industry can add about 8 billion yuan in the output value of the lighting electrical industry, which brings a broad market demand for LED connectors.


LED power supply


With the rapid development of LED lighting, the LED power supply market has also accelerated. LED power supply belongs to the traditional electronics industry. It is mainly used in street lamps and tunnel lights. It has been widely used in government projects and plays a good role in demonstration. The promotion of the LED industry by the government's strategic measures mentioned in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” has played a multiplier effect and has been recognized by more and more users.


In recent years, LED power supply product packaging technology continues to improve and heat dissipation technology continues to develop, LED power supply has reached a very strong stability, and is widely used in street lamps, square building facilities, curtain wall lights and other fields, in the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project" Driven by the rapid development of LED power supply, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Delta and the North have become the gathering place for the development of China's LED industry.

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 LED display


With the booming development of the LED industry, LED display screens, as a new type of high-tech products, have been widely used in the fields of entertainment interpretation, advertising rental market, exhibitions, and large stadiums with the advantages of environmental protection and energy conservation. According to relevant experts, the display technology entering the 21st century will be the era of flat panel display. LED display as one of the leading products of flat panel display is undoubtedly the trend of development in the future, and will become the representative mainstream product of flat panel display in the next five years. .


The LED display screen is not limited by space and time. The size of the screen can be designed according to the user's needs, and the real-time dynamic information is displayed in an illustrated manner, which is very convenient and fast. In addition, compared with other display products, LED display has the characteristics of high brightness and low power consumption, which is highly praised by consumers. Driven by the current trend of energy saving and rapid informationization, LED large screen is in a stage of rapid development. The market outlook is very lively.


According to the professional LED connector agent Guangzhou Haolong Electronics Liu engineer, LED as a new technology industry, has been widely used in various fields, by the masses by default is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly "server" technology products. Under the promotion of policies and continuous innovation of technology, the LED connector market will usher in a colorful spring.

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