IP level (dustproof and waterproof) definition


Class P (dust and water proof) definition


Dust proof grade (the first X represents)

0: no protection

1: to prevent the intrusion of large solids

2: to prevent the invasion of medium-sized solid

3: to prevent the invasion of small solids

4: prevent solid objects larger than 1mm from entering

5: prevent the accumulation of harmful dust

6: completely prevent dust from entering

0: no protection

Waterproofing grade (the second X represents)

1: water drops into the shell has no effect

2: when the shell tilts to 15 degrees, water drops into the shell have no impact

3: water or rain from a 60 degree corner to the shell has no effect

4: liquid from any direction poured into the shell does not harm the impact

5: there is no harm in washing with water

6: can be used in the cabin environment

7: able to withstand water immersion in a short time (1m)

8: soak for a long time under certain pressure

waterproof connector

waterproof connector

IP level (dustproof and waterproof) definition

The enclosure protection grade (IP code) is to grade the product according to its characteristics of dustproof, intrusion-proof, waterproof and moisture proof.The objects referred to herein include tools and human fingers, etc., which shall not touch the live parts inside the lamps to avoid electric shock.It is generally composed of two Numbers, the first number represents the product dust, to prevent the invasion of foreign things level;The second number indicates the degree to which the product is impermeable to moisture and water.The larger the number, the higher the level of protection.Such as enclosure protection class (IP code) example: IPXX, provides an IP rating system for electrical equipment and the degree of dustproof, waterproof, and collision of packaging to the product classification method, the system has won the acceptance of most European countries, and in IED529 (BS EN 60529:1992) announced in the outer protection grade (IP code).

The protection level is usually expressed by IP followed by two Numbers, which are used to define the protection level. 

The first number indicates the range of dust resistance of the device, or the degree to which people are protected from hazards in a sealed environment. 

The second word indicates how waterproof the equipment is.Digital first number - dust - proof second number - waterproof

0, no protection no protection

1, It can resist solid substances over 50mm.Accidental touching of the hand can withstand drops of water. 

2, It can resist solid materials with a diameter of more than 12mm and a length of less than 80mm.Such as: the fingers can withstand a 15 ° direct injection of vertical Angle of the spray. 

3, can resist the diameter of more than 2.5mm of solid materials.Such as: tools or wire can withstand is 60 ° direct injection of vertical Angle of the spray. 

4. It can resist solid substance with diameter over 1.0mm.For example, fine wire can withstand spray from any direction - allowing limited access. 

5, dust, limited access (no harmful accumulation).Can withstand low pressure water jets from any direction - allowing limited access. 

6, dust is difficult to enter, completely dustproof.Can withstand strong jets of water from any direction - allowing limited access. 

7, Not applicable.Allow a short immersion of 0.15m-1m in water for up to 30 minutes. 

8, Not applicable.Can withstand long-term immersion under pressure.

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