How to choose connector metal and plastic material


Connector from the transmission of the signal to the point, can be divided into electrical connectors and optical connectors, here only for the electrical connector as an illustration.

Connector composition: material includes metal and plastic.

choose connector metal and plastic material

Selection of metal materials:

1. Mechanical life

The mechanical life of the connector refers to the plug life, which is usually specified as 500 ~ 1000 times.When the specified mechanical life is reached, the contact resistance, insulation resistance and withstand voltage of the connector shall not exceed the specified value.

2. Electrical performance

Rated voltage rated current contact impedance etc.

3. Environmental parameters

The main environmental parameters are environmental temperature, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and corrosion environment.Connector in the use and storage, transportation process of the environment has a significant impact on its performance, so we must choose the corresponding connector materials according to the actual environmental conditions.

4. End connection mode

End connection means the contact of the connector to the wire or cable.

Weld the snap and wrap the puncture screw

The commonly used metal materials are phosphor bronze brass and quick cutting copper

1.phosphor bronze

Ductility, fatigue resistance, good corrosion resistance, C5191, C5102, suitable for elastic materials, but especially high elasticity, can choose C5210

2.Fast cutting phosphor copper

Is the phosphorus copper added 0.8%~4% Pb, cutting good, wear resistance, high conductivity, electrical appliances, electronic parts, gear, small screws and other applicable materials.

Quick - cut brass is divided into general quick - cut brass and lead - free quick - cut brass, generally used for PIN 

power connector

Selection of plastic materials:

Introduction to plastic materials :(common plastic materials of our company are PA66, PBT, LCP, PVC, etc.)

High performance plastics

1,PEI: polyether imide 2, PEEK: polyether ketone 3, PES: polyphenyl sulfone 4, PPS: polyphenyl sulfide 5, PAR: polyaromatic 6, PSU: polysulfone 7, LCP: liquid crystal polymer 8, HTN: high temperature nylon (PA)9, PI: polyimide

Engineering plastics

1,PET: polyethylene terephthalate 2, m-ppo: modified polyphenyl ether 3, PC: polycarbonate 4, PBT: polybutylene terephthalate 5, NYION: nylon (PA)

Plastic goods

1,ABS, propylene, butadiene, styrene terpolymer 2, POM, POM, TPE: thermoplastic polyester elastomer, PS: polystyrene. 5, PP, PP, PVC: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 7, HDPE, high density polyethylene, LDTE: low density polyethylene, and PMMA: polymethyl methacrylate (strength), SAN: styrene - acrylic acrylic copolymer, 11 SMA: styrene maleic anhydride

Key points of plastic material selection:

(1) Flammability Properties

(2) Mechanical properties

(3) Material Analysis

Electrical Properties

(5) Weathering Properties

(6) Thermal Properties

(7) Appearance

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