High current connector function unique analysis


      High current connector,at present in China called plugs and sockets.High current connector is point to electrical connector。An accessory that connects two active devices and transmits current or signal.

The advantage of high current connector:

1,High current connector is easy to maintain,if an electrical components destroyed,it could be replaced quickly as connector installed.

2, High current connector improves the flexability of design,using connetors enables engineers to have more flexability in designing new products and buliding sytem with compents.

3,High current connector improves the producing process,simplifies the assembly process of electronic products and mass production process.

4,High current connector is easy to upgrade,with the development of technology ,the components could be updated and replaced with new improved components as connetor installed.


         The above is our high current connector function introduction,but we also need to pay attention to that when circuit current is high and the pin is small,the energe consumed by the additional resistance will make the contact point hot,the longer the pin will become oxidative and sockets leads to poor contact ,entering a vicious circle and even breaking the circuit.

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