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This weekend, Apple Corp found a patent application by Apple Corp in the database of the European Patent Office, which covered the future Headphone Function of Apple Corp. The patent points out that touching the input on the headset to control functions and a unique collapsible shape factor will make headphones easy to carry in the headset carrying box. The Apple Corp's invention describes several improved auditory and super auditory headphone frame designs.

From a larger perspective, Apple Corp said that headphones have been put into production for many years, but there are still many design problems. For example, the functions of headphones related to headphones are usually limited to mechanical connections, and their functions are limited to keeping headphones on top of the user's ears and providing electrical connections between earphones.

Head hoops often increase the volume of earphones, thereby causing the problem of storing headphones. The ear pole connecting the headband and earphone is designed to accommodate the adjustment of the earphone relative to the user's ear and the volume of the earphone. The connecting rod and earphone can be adapted to the extension of the hoop, usually allowing the central part of the hoop to move to the side of the user's head. The configuration of this change may seem strange, and it also depends on the design of the earphone, which will make the headset uncomfortable.

Although wireless transmission media content to headphones and other improvements have eased the problem of wire wrapping, such technology itself has also brought some problems. For example, since wireless headphones need battery power to run, users may unintentionally deplete the batteries of wireless headphones by opening wireless headphones, so that they can not be used until new batteries are installed or equipment is recharged.

One way to solve the power management problem of wireless headphones involves integrating the direction sensor into the headset, which can be configured to monitor the direction of the earphone relative to the frequency band. The direction of the earphone relative to the belt can be used to determine whether the earphone is worn on the user's ear. This information can then be used to put earphones in standby mode, or when headphones are not located above the user's ears, the headphones are completely closed.

Another design problem of many earphones is that users usually have to figure out which earphone corresponds to which ear, so as to prevent the left channel from showing to the right ear and the right channel to the left ear.

One way to solve the problem of the shape factor of the big hoop is to design the head hoop into a flat shape that is attached to the earphone. The flat head hoop enables the arch geometry of the hoop to be compressed into a flat geometry, enabling the size and shape of the earphone to be more suitable for more convenient storage and transportation.

The headset can be connected to the head hoop through the folding ear bar area, which allows the earphone to fold to the center of the head hoop. The force applied to each ear plug to the head hoop is transmitted to a mechanism that pulls the corresponding end of the hoop to flatten the hoop.

In some embodiments, the stem can include an over center locking mechanism, which prevents the headphone from returning to the arched state inadvertently and does not need to add a release button to switch the earphone back to the arched state.

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