Four design steps to solve the efficiency problem of power connectors


In order to improve the working efficiency of power supply system and ensure the normal operation of system function, the design of electronic equipment should increase the density of the whole power supply frame, which means higher heat dissipation performance requirements and lower power loss and other challenges for power connectors.To address these challenges and meet these trends, connector manufacturers must also ensure that their power connectors have a smaller profile and a more compact design architecture when providing connector products with a high linear current density.Xinpeng bo connector manufacturers can refer to the following four design steps;

Step 1: highly compact

Currently, the screw pitch of some connectors is only 3.00 mm, which can carry rated current up to 5.0 amperes. The connectors are made of high-temperature LCP material, and the technology has been tested for a long time to ensure long-term excellent performance and reliability. They are applicable to almost any industry including data communication equipment and heavy industry.

Step two: flexibility

In addition to the design characteristics of high and compact, the power connector must have extremely high flexibility in the design process.When the design can be compact and perfect to combine with current density, taken for high voltage and high current application ultra narrow type design, can provide up to 34 on each blade Ann's current, maximum tolerance + 125 ° C temperature.

Step 3: heat dissipation

In addition, for the most important heat dissipation performance of the power system, the design of the connector has a direct impact on the internal airflow of the power supply, but the user cannot completely rely on the connector design to solve the heat dissipation problem.To optimize the system design, other factors must be considered, such as the amount of copper on the PCB, which helps absorb heat from the connector interface.

Step 4: be efficient

At the same time, more compact and high-current solutions are available to meet higher power efficiency requirements.Because higher current can improve power or safety factor, while high-performance contact design can truly achieve hot plug function, low voltage differential design ensures that the generated heat is minimized.

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