What factors will affect the elasticity of the POGO PIN connector


What factors will affect POGO PIN connector of the stretch smart wear the rise of the mobile phone more do more frivolous, rapid filling prompted the growing demand for the high current connectors, makes the POGO PIN connector (spring plunger connector) the application of more frequent, the intelligent digital products on the market now are mostly used to POGO PIN connector, only part of the low-end products may still use the shell type connector;Today, we will follow NBC to discuss what should we pay attention to when selecting POGO PIN connector and applying it into products.

POGO PIN connector

1. POGO PIN connector working stroke selection;

The POGO PIN connector must be selected according to the space of the product to be used.If the space is too small, the spring of the POGO PIN connector will be excessively compressed, which will affect its service life. If the space is too large, the contact may not be in place, and the impedance may be unstable, resulting in instantaneous interruption.

2. Selection of electroplating materials;

Electroplating materials can increase the conductivity, prevent oxidation, and resist wear of POGO PIN connector. Different materials have different functions, like gold, which has good electrical conductivity. For high-current connector, electroplating gold is generally selected for products with high impedance requirements.

3. coating film thickness has those effects:

When the POGO PIN connector is in operation, it will generate certain friction because it must be contacted for a long time. The thickness of the electroplating film will have a great impact on the service life of the product. When the electroplating layer is worn down to a certain limit, excessive resistance and unstable impedance may occur.The electroplating layer of POGO PIN for 100,000 times is definitely thicker than that for 10,000 times, so please be sure to select the electroplating requirement according to the demand when selecting the product type.

4. Impact of elasticity:

The contact force of POGO PIN connector comes from the internal spring. The spring spring force can directly affect the impedance of POGO PIN and its stability.Too much elastic force will increase the friction coefficient and have an impact on the service life of POGO PIN.

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The above four elements are used to simply select the corresponding POGO PIN products in different products and use environments, as well as price and other factors.For a product with such a large demand for POGO PIN connector, there must be quite a few manufacturers. The domestic POGO PIN environment is also very competitive.There is a low price to get customers, this kind of spring custom manufacturers to produce most of the products cheap quality, generally applied to the requirements of the product is not high;There are also quality to win, the price is higher, generally used in very high requirements of the product, the output will be limited;There is another category is that the price and quality are in the middle, not like the quality of the factory as the price is high, of course, the quality of the product is also higher than the price of many, can be described as high cost performance.

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