Durability of power connector


The power connector's rugged and durable connector is the power connector, namely the cable connector, with different cores and different sizes.But it is basically a metal case, plug and socket inserted with a screw buckle, connected, can be tightened and fixed, will not fall off.It is widely used in navigation, aerospace, electric power and other fields.

power connector

In the industry management of our country, the power connector and switch, keyboard and so on are collectively referred to as electrical connector components, and electrical connector and relay are collectively referred to as electromechanical components, the product category of power connector.Although the division of the types of power connector products is somewhat confusing, technically there are only two basic divisions of the connector product categories:

(1) according to the external structure: round and rectangular (cross section);

(2) according to working frequency: low frequency and high frequency (bounded by 3MHz)

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