Correct installation of the power connector


Crimping , which used in wire-based connections and can enable rapid mass production in large quantities and ensure the gas-tight connection. It is very useful on the line-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors.Many home appliances and high-current products use this process.

SMT is a kind of soldering which solder the components to the PCB with small pads, The size of the connector is very small which is convenient for customers to reduce the product volume and simplify the production process. But the structure tensile force of SMT is not very well .

The soldering which between wires and contacts is not commonly used now , Because the quality can not be guaranteed very well, sometimes there will be a virtual welding situation which cause the production process is not efficient.

In addition, many of the board-to-board connectors are also using the crimping  and the efficient is very high.

Power connector features:

The crimping suits for the low current and with the advantages of high speed ,low investment ,high efficiency and can realize the automatic production.

The disadvantage is low reliability and needing multiple additional devices.

With the high current we can choose SMI which have the advantage of high reliability,high efficiency and can realize the automatic production.

But the disadvantage is the investment of the devices is large.

Aslo with the high current we can choose the soldering which have the advantage of high reliability and low investment on the devices .But the advantage is that it can not realize the automatic production .

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