How does 90% connectivity in connector technology solve the remaining 10% of complexity and reliability problems?


With the development and progress of electronic information technology, connector has become the key component of current or signal connection. Although it is small in size, simple in function and structure, it has a large variety and quantity, which makes most engineers often face such a dilemma:

  • In the design of the need to consider in addition to the function of the problem and the method of handling confused.

  • Reasonable selection of routine test items for products, analysis of test results and coping methods are not very good grasp.

  • The failure analysis in the product application feel do not know how to start, so it is difficult to give targeted solutions.

In fact, for the difficult and critical technology of connector, reliability problem can not be ignored, including reliability design, evaluation and test.For example, do you think good quality products mean high reliability?In connector products, do you think quality or reliability is important?

connector technology

Knowledge of connectors

Connector as a product requires two kinds of technology: design technology and manufacturing technology.Among them, the manufacturing technology is not unique to the connector, but a part of all the manufacturing technology required for connector manufacturing.The specialized knowledge and technology of connector itself will be applied in connector design, so mastering the professional knowledge of connector is a necessary skill for design engineers.

Effective means of mastering connector technology

     The common connectors of new energy vehicles, rail transit and aerospace are divided from the market perspective.From a technical point of view, connectors should be divided into two categories: power connectors that transmit large current and high voltage and signal connectors that transmit small current and low voltage.This is based on the different design concerns of the connectors.The difficulty of power connector design is mainly to solve the problem of heat generation, and the main difficulty of signal connector design is in the stability and signal integrity (high frequency and high speed).

    From the design goal, connector can be divided into functional design and reliability design.So-called functional designs, such as being able to carry a current of 100A and generate distortion through a signal of 40G.Reliability design is to ensure that this function can maintain how long, what is the retention rate.Reliability design is much more difficult and complex for connectors.Mainly because of the multiple factors related to the working load and environment, as well as the randomness.

     Therefore, a reasonable division of connector technology is an effective way to master connector technology.The basic rules of connector technology can be sorted out and mastered in a short time, but more efforts should be put into the research and improvement of reliability design.

Questions about connector reliability design

1. Are quality and reliability the same in connector products?

      In the field of connectors, there is a difference between reliability and quality.Reliability is a design indicator, while quality is a measure of whether the manufacturing degree of a product meets the design requirements.

2. What are the main reliability problems of connectors?

      The reliability problems of connectors are mainly reliability design and reliability evaluation.Both are difficult, and the latter is largely the basis of the former.

3. What is the status of domestic connector reliability research?

      At present, there are some problems in domestic reliability research, such as simulation experiment and in-depth analysis.In addition, the cost of reliability research is relatively high, so it is suggested to focus on the relationship between material, working condition and environment, so that the results can be applied in more connector designs to balance the input-output ratio, instead of carrying out systematic research on a specific type of connector.

4. How to measure whether the reliability design of connectors is reasonable and standard?

      At present, there is a common phenomenon in the industry: connector products show qualified indicators, but the product design may not meet the standards.As we all know, the international standard is that the reasonable contact pressure drop should be around 10mV, * should not exceed 20mV.This criterion essentially controls the temperature rise, which is designed to ensure that no melting occurs in the spot as current flows through the contact, thus guaranteeing the contact's working life.

      Before, I found that the indicators of a connector far exceeded the standards in making product improvements for customers.According to the standards require that the reasonable temperature probably in 53 ℃, contact temperature higher than the conductor temperature rise 2-3 ℃ for reasonable range.But this kind of connector temperature rise up to 10 ℃, apparently not in accordance with the specification to set up.Since the temperature on the contact is difficult to measure, we use the contact pressure drop, based on the fact that the temperature is generated by the blend heat, which is related to the current resistance.So indirect measures were found.

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