How does the connector manufacturer ensure that the outgoing product has excellent electrical properties?


Main electrical properties of connectors: contact resistance, insulation resistance, electrical resistance

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1. High quality electrical connectors shall have low and stable contact resistance.The contact resistance of the connector varies from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.

2. Insulation resistance is an indicator to measure the insulation performance between the contact parts of the electrical connector and between the contact parts and the shell, with the order of magnitude ranging from hundreds of megohm to thousands of megohm.

3. Electrical strength, or voltage resistance, medium voltage resistance, is the ability to represent the rated test voltage tolerance between connector contact parts or between contact parts and housing.

4. other electrical performance: electromagnetic interference leakage attenuation is to evaluate the electromagnetic interference effect of the connector, generally tested in the frequency range of 100MHz~10GHz.

How does the connector manufacturer ensure that the outgoing product has excellent electrical properties?

1materials, this is small series has been emphasized, starting from the source of production, from the ground up if even the foundation is foam engineering, you also want to build skyscrapers?High quality materials are the key.

2electroplating, connector performance to achieve a stable impedance, it is necessary to connector surface metal contact interface to provide such inherent stability, need surface film can avoid or separation in contact with the time.The choice of electroplating materials and the quality of electroplating process have great influence on electrical properties.

3. Design, add insulation material around the terminal, design the shape, height, spacing, pressure resistance, electrical clearance and other factors of the product will have an impact on the electrical performance.The design scheme should be made according to the electrical performance requirements of the product in the early stage.

4detection, any outflow of the product is an essential step, you will say again cattle, production experience and rich, can not leave this step.A connector manufacturer's strict inspection process is essential, which is not only the responsibility for customers to use the product safely, but also a basic obligation of the manufacturer.It is also a key line of defense to prevent the flow of inferior products to the market.

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