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Whether you need inexpensive components to build a new PC or you just want accessories for your existing Windows 10/macOS desktop or laptop, Amazon's full-time trading on HyperX and Sabrant products will help you accomplish both tasks at a lower price. From technology into your computer, there are good savings in notebook memory, ssd, and high capacity NVMe drives checked out today. If your Windows or Mac laptop feels a bit slow, HyperX's 16GB DDR4 RAM (consisting of two 8GB, 2,666MHz, 260-pin memory sticks) may help you speed up. Usually it's $112.99, and Amazon's one-day sales price will drop to $92.99, although you won't ship until March 13.

Upgrading your hard drive is another way to make your computer feel refreshed. Super x Fury 480GB SATA SSD sells for $75.99 (usually $94.99). The price of this model is competitive and drives similar capabilities from Samsung, Keys, and SanDisk. If it's important for you to play RGB lights on your computer, the HyperX model has built-in customizable lights.

Sabrent's NVMe solid-state drives are also included in Amazon's current discount. Its stand-alone 256GB M.2 PCIe flash stick sells for $39.99 (usually around $55), providing a compact but fast internal storage space for any computer that uses compatible motherboards and M.2 interfaces. Sabrent's external NVMe drive is Thunderbolt 3-ready, connected via USB-C, and costs $119.99 (less than $180) for 512GB. The shell with a built-in 256GB M.2 driver is cheaper and costs $79.99.

If you just want to buy one or two accessories, several HyperX products, including game headphones, mechanical keyboards and so on, are part of the day's deal. The best product is HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Game Headphones, the company's first wireless headphones launched last year. Nick Statt of The Verge, a technology blog, said it was "a pretty good piece of hardware". According to Camel Camel Camel's pricing data, the current price is $99, rather than the usual $130 or so.

Yes, these headphones provide Bluetooth connections, long battery life and effective noise cancellation (through recent big firmware updates), but these are only part of the package, not the main attraction. This is reflected in their ability to adjust themselves to the way you listen.

The closest I can get to this experience is Sonos Trueplay speaker tuning technology. If you wield the iPad in the room, it will "tune" the Sonos speaker according to its surroundings. Nuraphone makes your ears sound comfortable with its smart app, which turns out to be one of the most attractive headphones I've ever tested.

Settings: Prepare an Audio Experience

Due to the characteristics of the headset, the installation process is longer than the general Bluetooth handset. Matching them to your phone is fast, but you have to go through the process of matching them to your ears.

The person behind Nuraphone does this through a 60-second listening test that will create your own listening files. The test had to be conducted in a very quiet room, which was somewhat disturbing. To make the test work, you are shocked at different frequencies (250hz to 8kHz) to see how your ears respond.

The closest thing I can experience with Nurophone is Sonos Trueplay speaker tuning technology.

Nuraphones are full of microphones and are sensitive enough to collect these responses and then match the corresponding sound files. The fancy term for this test is Otoacoustic Emission (OAE). Nuraphone quickly explained that these profiles are not about "good" or "bad" listening, but about matching the music you listen to with your own ear prints.

Once the mapping is completed, you will get a sound profile that looks a bit like a blue/purple speckle, depending on how you hear the sound.

In short, you can set up three sound profiles for a device, and then you can choose to listen to personalized or general music. No one likes to be the same.

Design: Big, bold, a little too close to comfort

To ensure that your ears are as close to the audio as possible, the Nuraphone headset is designed to be a bit detective. Even if they are cans on the ears, they can only be described as a small particle that enters each ear. The earplug is about an inch in size and can be gently inserted into the ear canal if worn properly.

I said "wear it" because it really takes several times to wear the headphones correctly. I found that in the first few attempts, the nodules in the ears did not feel right. This can lead to some discomfort. To remedy this problem, I simply took them off my head completely and tried to put them on again. As a result, something changed.

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