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This shows that you are emailed me asking if your current electric car charger can, and you want to buy a Bolt / Leaf / Tesla / Taycan compatible. First, it shows that charging electric car dealers confused compatibility (this is my own research on this subject when experienced), and secondly, it shows that the electric vehicle market has matured to the extent there are a lot of buyers order, like a traditional as the automotive market. 

Look at this: understand electric vehicle charging 
Here is the electric vehicle charging connector and a quick summary. 

First of all, on your garage wall or parking lot that you could not call it something charger charger. This is an electric vehicle service equipment, referred to as the EVSE. Basically, a smart socket. Charger itself in your car, and it has been carefully designed and used to match the particular battery. 

electric vehicle charger itself is not, but a key member connected to the charging device of an electric vehicle on the electric vehicle charger. 

your car charger built the first task to be solved is to convert AC charging locations provide most of the direct current into the battery can absorb. This is similar to your cell phone charger from the wall socket to convert alternating current into direct current voltage of 5.0 volts, which is part of the USB standard. Unfortunately, there is no USB electric vehicles such as the specifications to unify charging. 

AC or DC electric vehicle charging three ways: 

stage 1 
which is substantially 120 volts alternating current, can provide up to 2 kilowatts of electricity. This is a survival charging, good enough to obtain a sufficient range of the charger to the secondary drive. If you need to start from a full charge of booking a room. Most electric cars take 24 hours or longer. 

Level 2 
This is one kind of charge 240V AC power supply may provide up to 90 kilowatts of electricity. This charge level is the car manufacturers say, they say you can fully charge overnight, usually within 6-8 hours.

Level 3 
This bit chaotic. It may refer to an AC 480V is connected, the voltage continues to doubling the available modes on each successive charging stage, but in the United States, the DC power stage 3 usually means. It's very powerful, no conversion from alternating current into chaos, inefficient power. Tesla super charger charger three best known, can generate 120 kilowatts of direct current. Porsche has said that when Tarkaan arrival, they will increase the level 3 bets, set 350 kilowatts at level 3 charging points. Tesla plans to increase their super charger in 2019. These and other forms of critical current charge level 3 are in minutes rather than in hours. 

Now, to connect to the United States at any level of the charge source, you need one of the four major charge connector. 

J1772 is American Society of Automotive Engineers (Society of Automotive Engineers) specification of a number of names, it is America's most common charging connector, you can grade 1 or 2 power transmission. 

J1772 charging port is on the United States the most common electric vehicle charging interface. Large pins 120 corresponding to an ordinary 240-volt household power outlet or blade, and the communication between the car and the handling of small pins charging source. 

It has three pins, wires corresponding to cars and EVSE data communication between the home power outlet, and the two smaller needle. 

is added at the bottom of several DC J1772 fast charging pins get a so-called CCS charging system or a combination connector. 

vlcsnap - 2019 - 02 - 22 is - 15 - h40m11s331 
of CCS connector of simple and elegant two large current charging to the bottom of the needle grafted J1772 connector. 

It's a little clumsy things and grafted DC charging pin, but it is sufficient Porsche will use it in a new Tarkaan. 

If not, Nissan (Nissan) will use it with by far the most popular J1772 Leaf models, this connector is likely to have disappeared from the US electric car market. 

vlcsnap - 2019 - 02 - 22 is - 15 - h40m22s704 
the CHAdeMO connector is only processing stage 3 DC fast charging, the charging DC current through the two large pins. Small pin contains up to eight analog or digital communication line for communication between the car and the car. 

the CHAdeMO DC fast charging is a connector, only two large and two pins carrying direct current four terminal pins for analog and digital data communication. Tokyo Electric Power Company explained that, CHAdeMO this mysterious name "in Japanese is 'O cha demo ikaga desuka' pun, meaning 'Let's have tea while charging'." '""I kid you not. 

Then that Tesla 
Tesla has the most elegant charging interface. Of course, it is proprietary, packaged in pin is Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 DC charging along with the data communication, all in a slender, elegant process. 

vlcsnap - 2019 - 02 - 22 - 15 - h40m30s844 
Tesla Patent connectors beautiful, but you can not find it at the end of the charging cable of any public. For those, you need an adapter. Fortunately, Tesla offers

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