Anode oxidation process


Process flow

Anode oxidation process

Monochrome,gradient :polishing/sandblasting/drawing-oil removal.anode oxidation.neutralization,dyeing,hole sealing ,drying .

Double colour

1、polishing/sandblasting/drawing-oil removal-shelter-anode oxidation

1-anode oxidation 2 hole sealing,drying  

2、polishing/sandblasting/drawing-oil removal-anode oxidation 1-

Radium vulture- anode oxidation 2-hole sealing-drying 


Aluminum alloy

Anode oxidation process

Compared with stainless steel and aluminum magnesium alloy,anodized aluminum has the advantages of stable colour,high weight strong,light and thin ,strong corrosion resistance,better metal texture,anti-fouling fingerprint,good thermal conductivity. 

Technical feature

 Aluminum alloy is low density and high strenth.its surface could be anodized to enhance its function and decoration.Anode oxidation could achieved any colour except white.It could also be achieved oxide layer by shading and removing.At present ,it has realized nickel-free sealed .which meets the requirements of Europe ,USA and the other countries.


Single colour ,doubour colour,gradient

The Instance 

Anode oxidation process

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