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As we recently reported on the topic of high-voltage power supply safety equipment, we attracted a lot of comments, but missed a crucial part. We put the power plug and socket as part of everyday life, but we have not thought through it? Their various features, as well as their amazing all over the world, it is sometimes confusing diversity. 

When you announce to the world the trunk connector discussed in detail, it is difficult not to take Sheldon Cooper (Sheldon Cooper) kind of took the flag fun atmosphere. But apart from jokes and Mayim Bialik (Mayim Bialik) absence, as well as about their history and diversity of stories worth telling about their safety also worth learning place. 

1893 GEC plug socket. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. 
1893 GEC plug socket. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. 
In the early household electricity, its most common use is lighting. Like today, the lighting circuit is hard-wired into the design of the incandescent socket. When the first portable household appliance occurs, they can only be powered by a light socket, while some of the first plug simply copied incandescent base. With the popularity of home appliances, various plug and socket standards have emerged to meet the electrical safety and easy access to the total power. 

Throughout the twentieth century, these early socket is improved, improved, replaced by new design in some cases. Electrical safety mechanism employed and standardized in various countries national standards of frequency and the AC voltage, and included in the ground contact, or close the portion of the insulating pin socket further security improvements updated version of each standard. If you're a global traveler, or you sell mainframe-powered equipment in the world, you might be tempted to diffuse the resulting described as a mess. 

This is the advantage of a standard ...... 
a CEE 7 plug is designed to be compatible with the earthing arrangement of the French and German varieties. Chamaeleon [PD], the Commons. 
A CEE 7 plug is designed to be compatible with the earthing arrangement of the French and German varieties. Chamaeleon [PD], the Commons.
Trying to understand the world of mainstream standard is not suitable for the faint of heart. You can put them into groups of roughly similar, but there are some edge cases. Think about the 230-volt world. For example, most countries have almost circular socket compatible and charged and neutral pins, but grounded outlet keying arrangements and multiple variations means that in order to ensure compatibility, you will see properties with multiple standards It plugs. At the same time, the United Kingdom and Ireland also have their own 3-pin plug fuse, Italy has built a 3-pin socket, Switzerland slightly offset socket has three pins. We have not yet entered Africa and Asia, where there are too many other outlets, some versions of the current and old European or American standards and other States. In this context, has the most standard NEMA socket around the world 110v area looks pretty lucky. 
Insert too many plugs: BS1363 
addition to confusion of all outlets, we should also look at the characteristics of modern power plug and socket, take a look at their use, look at their junction. How cord Hackaday article seems a bit basic, but because it is in a secure power supply first line of defense is vital that you ensure that every piece of equipment, through the appropriate cable connection on your bench, so this is an important area of research. Ask any white-haired electrician to see if they encountered in their careers bad plug wire horror story, perhaps you will understand. 

Therefore, we will now consider in detail the power plug. Because it is written in the UK, we will use a UK 13A 240V BS1363 plug and socket to explain, but the focus here is on security feature, rather than a single standard. BS1363 has all the features of modern high-voltage power connectors, so the same functions on these respective functional local plug shown here. Incidentally, people think they are better than national standards neighboring countries, this is a problem of national pride it? For the British, when they first set foot on a barefoot inverted BS1363, this feeling may be halted. Pin plug on the assumption that there are no outstanding at 90 degree bend, your feet are very lucky.

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